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NocLandNMS for iPhone and iPad is the iOS client for the NocLand network management application platform.

NocLandNMS for iPhone and iPad features:

- Event and Notification Management.

NocLandNMS can generate its own events or receive events from outside sources, such as SNMP Traps, syslog or TL/1. NocLandNMS can serve as the central repository for your network event stream. Able to handle bursts of thousands of events per second, NocLandNMS also has a number of correlation methods to automatically clear events, translate one event into another, a reduce duplicate events into one alarm. Once the important events have been identified, they can generate notices or trouble tickets.

- Performance Measurement

There are a number of data collectors within NocLandNMS for iPhone and iPad, including support for the SNMP and JMX protocols. The HTTP collector can retrieve any web page and use regular expressions to extract values, so extending an application to integrate with NocLandNMS.